Mobile App Developers


Mobile App Developers

YOU’RE BUSINESS?  There’s an App for that.

Why does my Business Need to be on Mobile Phones?

Increase your sales, breed customer loyalty and strengthen your brand

It matters not if you are a small, local business, medium or large, if not today, tomorrow you will be looking for a Mobile Presence for your business.

We make that whole process simple, cost effective and provide lasting results.

To Start with, how about your new mobile App will work on any mobile phone with a browser.

Optimised for the Search engines

QR Code Connected

Not only will your new Mobile App be an excellent, convenient and useful showcase of your products & Services it can act as one of the most powerful marketing tools available, allowing your business to say things like, download our free app! Or get our products and services on your mobile and that will help get people returning to your website and in to your retail stores and will allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new way. A meaningful way, a way that will have 97% of the people who receive your messages actually reading what you want them to read. This is a bold statement and yet it can be true:


Google Insights tells us that “mobile search has grown 400% in the past year” and that “88% of these users take action”

USA Today calculated coupon redemption rates as follows: “Print = 1%; Mobile = 5-20%”


71% of Enterprises are deploying Mobile Apps

Source: Deloitte

93% of Fortune 500 are deploying or testing on Mobile Phones

Source: Rosenberg

127 minutes per day is the average time people spend using Apps

Source: Flurry

31 minutes average time spent on the mobile web per day

Source: Flurry

3 out of 4 users have a mobile app to make or assist with a buying decision.

Source: Click Fox

Here are some ways The App will help grow your business

Make your phone ring more by giving people a way to simply tap their phone to reach you and our mobile app developers will do that for you.

Breed repeat buyers by rewarding customers for buying from you with a coupon .

Real customers in your doors by sending out coupons, discounts, sales and specials through the mobile. These are wildly successful and this technology alone will significantly change your business for the better.

Stay front-of-mind for your customers by putting your brand on their smartphones where they’re spending all their time. That’s where they’re searching for solutions to their problems, so get your business in the palms of their hands!

Prove to the people who haven’t bought from you yet that you’re worth doing business with by integrating customer testimonials into your app.

Give your business the opportunity to go viral with the “Share this App” button.

Engage with your customers. It’s easier to sell to someone who has done business with you before. We all know that. So make it easy for them to choose you again by giving them something of value via your own custom mobile app.

The above list of benefits can keep growing and growing, depending on what sort of information you include in your app. But one thing is for sure . . .

Mobile marketing is the most powerful medium you can use to grow your business. Important things inside your App that will help conversions are: 1 Touch dial to your business, Special offers and coupons, Full integrated location map and directions from user’s current location to the store. Request a call back button, Showcase products and services, users can load your App information from any printed advert via the QR Code & Mobile App Search engine Optimised.

How mobile app developers do it?

We take you existing business leaflet, flyer, menu, any other printed media, or your website and create a Mobile friendly version most people would call this A Mobile App. Our Mobile platform is updated regularly to accommodate new mobile handset releases.

Universal Mobile Presence?

Absolutely, Your New mobile App will work on any Mobile Phone that has a Browser, irrelevant of operating system, software, phone manufacture or anything else. This is our guarantee.

Search Engine Optimised

We optimise all our Apps for the search engines:

How can potential customers find my new App.?

  • Just Search Online


Traditional advertising may not be as effective as you believe.

WHY is that? Technology being the main driver for this change.

We are using technology more than ever before. The mobile phone is the number 1 factor contributing towards  consumer habit changes.  Mobile phones are equipped with a browser connected to the internet. This makes the phone a very powerful tool not only for the consumer but business too. Its all about being at the right place at the right time.

Our Mobile Apps for Small & Medium sized enterprises allow companies of all sizes to be in the right place at the right time no matter what mobile handset the consumer wishes to search from.

Is Mobile Marketing right?

Has the consumer evolved enough?

Have the mobile handsets penetrated?

Is it the right time?

Make your own mind up!

Advertising revenue from UK smartphones grew at 10 times the rate of other online platforms in 2012, according to a new report.

Although still relatively new, the sub-sector now accounts for just under a tenth of the total advertising spend, which has broken the £5bn barrier for the first time.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) said a study conducted by PwC showed spending on online advertising reached £5.42bn in 2012.

Overall advertising spending on the internet jumped 12.5% last year, defying a flagging economy as companies battled to reach consumers spending more time on smartphones and tablet computers.

The study, which used data from companies that had provided information the previous year, said internet ad spending rose £607m on 2011, with some £323m due to an increase in mobile advertising.

Britain has led the way in moving advertising from traditional areas like newspapers and radio to the internet.

A high take-up of broadband and the rise of smartphones and tablet computers which allow users to access the internet on the go have helped the shift.

“Advertisers are increasingly buying integrated campaigns across online and mobile rather than regarding mobile as an afterthought,” Director of Research & Strategy at the IAB Tim Elkington said.

With around two-thirds of adult Britons owning a smartphone as of December 2012, mobile advertising now accounts for almost 10% of all digital ad spending compared with about 1% in 2009.

Video advertising grew 46% to £160m, accounting for 12% of online and mobile display in 2012.

Demand for mobile ads is likely to increase after auctions for next-generation 4G airwaves earlier this year, which are set to deliver speeds more than five times faster than 3G services.

These services will make downloading high-resolution video easier and enable better multi-tasking on the latest smartphones and tablets.

EE, Britain’s biggest mobile operator, said on it was now on track to sign up 1 million customers for its 4G service by the end of the year.

The consumer goods sector overtook the finance sector as the biggest spender on digital display advertising – accounting for almost 16% of display ad spend in 2012.

Mobile App Developers


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