Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click

Google Adwords or Pay per click (PPC) or Cost per Click (CPC) is an Internet advertising model used by websites to generate visitors, in which the advertiser only pays when their advert is clicked on the host’s website. This type of digital marketing strategy is currently the largest and most popular form of Internet advertising, as PPC produces instant short-term results, and excellent ROI performance for various clients, in particular, commercial entities.

The PPC advertising market has understandably developed and matured in recent years to incorporate a more diverse approach for advertisers within this industry. In fact, forecasters predict that over $14bn will be spent on PPC this year alone and this spend will continue to grow at an astonishing 37% each year.

Paid search is no longer about just text-based advertising via the main search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. PPC advertising can now incorporate the following techniques:

 Google is the largest online search engine in the world.

  • over 90% of online enquiries are done on Google

  • 87% of marketing budgets are spent with Google

So combining those facts with over 1 billion searches a day, really is the place to be found!For any company hoping to generate more leads and business, having your Google Sponsored Ads run successfully on is absolutely essential.

By using our targeted marketing campaigns, your customers will be directed to your website. This form of marketing is efficient and a highly cost effective way of advertising your business to the people who want your services/products.

When skilfully implemented and managed, a Google Sponsored Ad campaign is a very cost effective internet marketing strategy. With Ad Rank One Limited running your campaign you can get ahead of your competitors.

The functionality of Google Ads, added to the convenience of having pay per click results, means you can monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

Google Sponsored Ads is a results oriented advertising strategy that generates instant targeted traffic to your website bringing increased numbers of qualified visitors to your website (not disintereseted surfers).

Ads can be delivered in your requested geographical location.

We are THE skilled people who will generate increased traffic and qualified visitors to your website, bringing instant results.

Call us for more information – as digital marketing experts we can give you information an how we can create an account for you that will drive qualified traffic to your website.

 Pay Per Click


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